Trekking in the land of condors

We spent our last days in Peru in the south of the country, in and around the beautiful city of Arequipa. Snow-capped volcanoes dominate this region with a few of them towering over Arequipa. For the Incas, they were sacred mountains where they made sacrifices, including young children. We saw one of such sacrifices – a mummy of a young girl known as Juanita, which has been very well-preserved and her finding has contributed a lot to the contemporary knowledge of the Incas’ culture and their rituals.


A procession through the streets of Arequipa that we stumbled upon
We noticed the Phantom of the Opera being advertised in the streets so we decided to go and see it!
The frame is all pure gold and silver. Must be quite heavy…


In Arequipa, we also visited the convent of Santa Catalina, which looks like a city within a city, with its cobbled streets and colorful buildings. Here we found out a lot about the history of the convent and how the nuns´ lives looked like.

P1180278 P1180274 P1180269 P1180257

We also spent three days in the Colca canyon, supposedly the second-deepest canyon in the world (second only to another canyon in the same area), where we saw three condors, one for each day ;-) The trip involves a descend of over 1000m into the canyon and, of course, you have to climb it back all the way up after a day or two… Fortunately, we could recover in a swimming pool located in a place called Oasis at the bottom of the canyon, where we spent one of the nights. We have to tell you, nothing tastes better than a cold beer or rum & coke by a poolside bar after a long trek on a sunny day.

P1180342 P1180356

P1180392 P1180402 P1180401

Inca terraces in the Colca Valley

Meanwhile, we´re already in Chile where we´re spending last week of our trip, so look out for the last update!

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