Travelling is our passion and a life style. We travel to have fun, to discover new places and cultures, to admire the beauty of the nature, to enjoy our lives. Everybody has dreams and we feel so lucky that through travelling we can live ours!

This website has developed from our blog about Australia, ”Julita i Wojtek w Krainie Kangurów” which we started writing in February 2011 when we moved to Brisbane, Australia. We have actually thought for a long time about launching a broader travel-related website but somehow never had time for it. So the time has come now… and we have decided to give it a go.

The new website, in addition to hosting our Australian blog, will also feature travel advice, travel reports, a travel blog and also advice on practical issues related to moving to another country. All of this will be based on our experience – we have lived in five countries and travelled to many more. We want to share our experience with you and we hope that we can help you to follow your dreams about travelling!

We strongly believe that travelling is not about ‘ticking-off’ as many places on a list as possible. It is more about the process, about the journey itself, than about the destination. It is about curiosity. Curiosity about what’s behind that corner, over that hill. If you share this kind of curiosity, we hope you will find this website useful and maybe find here a little inspiration for what you can do yourself. But don’t forget and do it! Because the next adventure may be hiding just behind that corner…

About us: we met while we studied in Warsaw, Poland. Since then we lived together in Florence, Italy; Madison, Wisconsin in USA; Colchester & London in the UK and finally in Brisbane, Australia. We went on travelling to a number of countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Oceania. Our most recent travel adventure is a trip around South America.

Happy Travelling!

Julita & Wojtek

(Contact: info@travellingbutterfly.com)

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