What to take with you on a trip

DSC_6920What is worth taking, or should be taken, on a trip will mainly depend on where and for how long you are going.

The following list should be treated as a set of general guidelines only., for example,. not all of these things will be useful if you are going on a short trip to a warm country and staying in a hotel. On the other hand, this list won't be good enough if you're cammping, or going to a very cold country.

However, it is worth noting that this is a real list, which we used when packing for our three-month long trip through South America, where we had to take into account several different climate zones and various activities in which we expected to take part.


List of things to take along when traveling


- passports

- flights confirmation

- guidebooks

- insurance policy (printouts and contact number)

- numbers to the Embassy / Consulate

- contact numbers to the bank, credit card

- copy of passport (+ send yourself an e-mail)

- Money (USD)

- ATM and credit cards

- confirmation of hostel booking

- emails with tips, tour operators, Hostels etc.

- Diving Certification

- International driving license


- swimming trunks

- shorts

- underwear + socks

- Thermal underwear

- long pants (x2)

- pajamas

- t-shirts

- warm jumper

- jacket

- raincoat

- sturdy shoes

- sneakers

- slippers

- cap + gloves


- cameras + chargers

- cell phone (without sim-lock but wits active roaming!) + charger + sim card + headphones

- t-pad + charger

- plug adapters

- water bottle

- torch

- sharp knife + basic cutlery

- money belt

- bicycle chain / padlock (for security)

- medication (immodium, paracetamol, vitamins, antibiotics, Malarone, etc)

- plasters and bandages,

- wipes

- water purification tablets,

- travel pillow (inflatable)

- earplugs,

- needle and thread,

- towels (bath)

- towels for the beach

- sunglasses

- mosquito repellent

- books?

- sunscreen

- toothpaste + toothbrush

- hairbrush

- cosmetics

Remember to only take things you really need – In the end, we decided to skip some less essential items from the list above… One of the guidebooks recommends, when packing, to only take half the clothes you think you'll need, and twice as much money as you think you'll need. It seems like a good piece of advice, because if it turns out that you're really missing something on your trip, you can always buy it there…

If you're interested, for our 3-month trip through South America we managed to fit our stuff in two medium-sized backpacks, weighing about. 10kg and 6 kg, respectively (+small backpack as a carry-on luggage and a camera).

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