Life’s a beach

So the last week or so has been kind of repetitive: a beautiful beach, a beer, a boat, a tropical island, a caipirinha, a bossa nova band playing live, another beach, another island…. Yep, it’s been a proper holiday for us and boy, we enjoyed it! A nice pousada, a guy playing piano during our breakfast, cute little monkeys jumping in our garden and hummingbirds flying over our heads…

We spent three nights in Paraty, a beautiful colonial town, where we explored truly exceptional beaches, including the amazing village of Trinidade, and then moved to Ilha Grande about 150 km south of Rio de Janeiro, which is home of more world-class beaches.

We had some really nice churrasco (Brazilian BBQ) and some more caipirinhas, and so it feels we’re ready for another adventure which is lurking just around the corner. Which is a marvellous city, the city of God they say, the magnificent Rio de Janeiro. We’re leaving for Rio in a few hours and we’ll update you in a few days’ time. Meanwhile, check out below some pictures from the coast and the islands.

Imagem 006 Imagem 001 Imagem 002 Imagem 003 Imagem 004 Imagem 005

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