Passion of the Christ by the Lake Moogerah

One of our favorite regions in Queensland's is the Scenic Rim. It is located southwest of Brisbane. It is a rural area, with thousands of cows grazing at the roadside. The main attractions of the region are for us the beautiful hills with little frequented trails, lakes, unusual local events and delicious homemade pastries (for example,. beef pie). One of our favorite places in the area is a winery called Kooroomba, famous locally for its wine cellar as much as for the lavender ​​plantation , growing alongside the grapes. It is a very pleasant place to stop for a lunch, a coffee, a wine tasting, or simply for a photo shoot ...


Coffee and dessert with a view…

We have described previously on our blog one of the events that takes place annually in the Scenic Rim - the animal show in Beaudesert. This time we present to you another event, which is held every year to celebrate Easter: the Moogerah Passion Play, a performance about the last days of the life of Jesus Christ and the way of the cross, performed annually by the Lake Moogerah. Performances of this kind are very popular in southern Europe, but somehow we never managed to see any of them. The scenario is well known to all, so we will not describe it here. Let us just say, that the performance involves about 100 volunteers (actors, those preparing costumes, light, sound, etc.) and, that it has been performed for twenty-two years so far. The performance begins just before sunset, and as has already been mentioned, the action takes place by the lake, which is picturesquely situated among the hills. During the sunset, this natural scenery adds incredible charm. The performance is held on the last weekend before Easter as well as on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, and it is completely free. You should bring with you a reclining chair or a blanket. Below are some photos from this year.

Practical Information: Lake Moogerah is located near the town of Boonah, about 85 km southwest of Brisbane.

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