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Today, we'll say something about spiders – which frighten many people thinking about Australia :-) Venomous spiders, next to sharks, crocodiles and poisonous jellyfish, are probably one of the first associations with Australia, that people not living here have in mind. In any case, the question “So, are you not afraid of the spiders?” was asked very often in conversations with friends and family before we left for Australia…

So we rush to report, that people who are counting on spiders in Australia will not be disappointed – indeed, there are a whole bunch of them (according to some estimates, about. 3-4 thousands of species). In the summer you see them every day, especially in the evening, when it cools down and all wild beasts crawl out of the bushes :-). They make huge cobwebs – it happens, that a diameter is several meters across – so you have to be careful so as not to get caught, when going along the sidewalk, or between the trees. However, in the cooler seasons you hardly see them at all… People suffering from arachnophobia should therefore plan to come to Australia for the winter!

Fortunately, all of these spiders, that you see are probably harmless (at least for people, because when flies are concerned, then it's another matter :-) ), because Aussies seem to completely ignore them. Anyway, after a few days you get used to them and you stop paying attention. The important thing is that they don't normally come to your house, and mostly sit in the bushes. Geckos, on the other hand, are happy to share your place with you, but we'll tell you more about that another time :)

As you can see in the attached pictures (all of them taken in our area) spiders are very diverse, mostly nicely looking, and certainly fascinating. For those, who are not convinced, next time we'll write something about more cuddly animals, which also can be found here :-) And a new post is coming next week! So keep checking this page frequently…


NOTE: This post is an updated version of the entry, which appeared previously on our old blog “Julita i Wojtek w Krainie Kangurów”. Recently we decided, that instead of importing all the entries from the old blog at once, and at random, we will review them, choose the most interesting ones, which we'll update and add to whereever possible. So for the next few weeks and months you will find here such “recylced” posts, alternating with – we hope – some new ones. Cheers! Julita & Wojtek


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