Chilling out in Chile :)

The last part of our trip was Chile, where we ended up spending over a week. In this time, we travelled by bus over 2000 km from Arica up north to Santiago, from where we’re flying out. On the way, we visited the cities of Iquique, Caldera and Valparaiso, all of which have much more European feel to them than the cities in Peru or Bolivia. Overall, Chile looks much more like Argentina than like its northern neighbours – and in a way the bottom part of the continent feels ‘less South-American’ than the rest…

Compared with the countries we visited earlier, there is relatively little to see and do in the northern half of Chile. There are few really spectacular locations or places with grand history, and the beaches are not the greatest in the world (not to mention the cold water…). But it was actually quite nice to have a bit of down-time at the end of the trip and we have been enjoying the local food and wine (both of which are good) or simply chilling out in city squares, in ports, or on the beaches.

Large parts of Northern Chile look like desert – here you can see the city of Iquique overshadowed by a huge sand dune
Main square in Arica – the church in the background was designed by Mr Eiffel, the constructor of the famous tower in Paris
One of the many nice restaurants in Chile, this one in Iquique was designed in the Spanish-Moorish style


Still, we visited some quite interesting places, which included the ghost town of Humberstone which used to be a prosperous nitrate production centre, a colony of sea lions in Iquique, a nice white beach at Bahia Inglesa and the historic town of Valparaiso with its cobbled streets and buildings covered in colourful graffiti.

Bahia Inglesa
One of the historic accensores in Valparaiso. Unfortunately, none of them seems to be working any longer
The ghost town of Humberstone
The school in Humberstone

P1180650 P1180626 P1180552 P1180516



We spent the last three days of our trip in the capital, Santiago the Chile, which although it lacks major tourist attractions, is a pleasant place to spend a few days. Here, you can go to the theatre, go shopping, visit museums or the zoo… so, we did all those things.

Nandu (a kind of Chilean ostrich) overlooking the city of Santiago

P1180734 P1180718 P1180671

Sadly, today is the last day of our trip… It feels quite strange to be thinking that we’re going to be back in Australia in a few days time – we’ve kind of gotten used to being on the road :) It’s hard to believe that the 11 weeks have passed so quickly – probably because they were so packed with amazing places and activities.

P1180575 P1180607
It’s the end of our trip but by no means the end of our updates – in the coming weeks we’ll be posting a much more detailed reports from all the places we have visited in South America, as well as reports from our previous travels to various corners of the world. We will be also migrating our Australian blog to this website, and posting regular updates from our trips around Australia, so please keep coming back!

Thanks a lot for following our trip, for commenting on our posts, for ‘liking’ our website on Facebook, and for sharing it with your friends. We have enjoyed sharing our stories almost as much as we enjoyed the trip itself ;-)

If you have any questions or suggestions for future content, please send us an email or write a comment on the website. New posts will follow soon…


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